Academic Coaching: helping students develop confidence, motivation, and independence

Works well under constant supervision...
Grades are a direct reflection of his/her efforts...
Needs to focus on organization...
Has great potential, but does not realize it...

Are these the type of comments your daughter or son receives on progress reports and report cards? Something is preventing your child's progress but it is not well defined. Does it seem as if your efforts to help have reached rock bottom and you're starting to dig?

Academic Coaching is an individual instructional experience enhancing organization, time management, note taking, expository expression and test preparation.

Organization, time management, note taking, expository writing and test preparation: do these topics sound familiar?  These skills are some of the most valuable proficiencies your student is not being taught in school.

Academic Coaching helps your student learn to work smarter, not harder, with benefits such as:

  • Sharpened study habits and communication skills
  • Superior scholastic success
  • An accountable, self-aware and skillful student

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Academic Coaching helps students develop an academic master plan, confidence, motivation, and independence through the creation of individualized study programs to target different learning styles. credits
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