Master coaching, college consulting, tutoring and test prep, serving DC, NoVA and MD.



Matriculating at RIT

$180,000 total scholarships


Matriculating at Union College

$60,000 in total scholarships


Matriculating at Le Moyne College

$58,000 in total scholarships


Academic Coaching DC is an elite tutoring company offering one-on-one executive function coaching, academic coaching, test preparation and college consulting.  I provide you and your student support and skills for surviving and thriving throughout middle school and high school, moving students past self-doubt by meeting their need to be successful scholars, standardized testers and college applicants. 

Academic Coaching

Personal coaching focusing on individual competencies and specific executive, soft and study skills strategies across all academic discipines.

College consulting

Detailed, expert insight and guidance for college-bound students:

personalized timelines,

college choice and all the


Study skills

Developing and enhancing process of learning skills, ingenuity and expertise in executive functioning, math, writing and homework skills.

Test prep

Powerful, straightforward techniques delivering better grades and less testing anxiety.