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Hi, I'm Sarah Fraser.  

A little more than 13 years ago, I realized my students were suffering a crisis of confidence. They felt frustrated, confused, and unsure of their capabilities as students.  From bright slackers, disorganized geniuses, and over-committed extracurriculars through to under-the-radar achievers, students from Sidwell Friends, Basis DC, Kent School, Sandy Spring Friends, and Emerson Prep's grades and standardized test scores weren't reflecting their efforts.

When I asked about when, where, why and how they studied, nearly every one of them said they re-read their notes.  Pushed a little more, they re-read their notes while on Instagram.  Or Facebook.  Or Twitch, or with a game running in the background.  Mostly the night before the test.

They felt discouraged, perplexed and disappointed in themselves.  And I realized all the education research I'd knitted together over the years was a curriculum: a scientifically-supported, experienced-enhanced, step-by-step skill set and schedule for how to learn.

Given the means and mechanisms, my students raise their grade point averages from 22-25%, turning the mystery of study into mastery.  School work and standardized testing is manageable and reflects their interest, their self-confidence is remarkable, and the world is their oyster.

"We really appreciate your helping J. navigate all this stuff.  Always appreciate your insights; he's doing really well.  Branching out more - enjoying school.  Thank you for being such a warm and steady presence for J...and us, too!"

- N and E, Washington DC

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from Reed College, with a year each at The University of Edinburgh, and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, and a Masters of Education with a Montessori certificate from Loyola University Maryland.

I taught Montessori upper elementary in PG County for three years before opening Academic Coaching DC in 2007.

For more than 10 years I've had the pleasure of developing student's study skills, providing expert academic support for homework, soft skills, independent project management, and SAT/ACT testing skills.  My students have been accepted to Duke, The Naval Academy, Occidental, Trinity (Hartford), and Fordham.


I offer standardized testing and study skills classes through Compass Homeschool Enrichment, in Oakton, VA.

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