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Interested Student

 "I can't say enough good things about Sarah. My son has ADHD and started struggling when he entered high school. She has worked with him through the majority of his high school career and has been amazing. A large part of his success has been because of her. 


She helps with homework, follows up directly with his teachers, and keeps him organized with assignments. The fact that she is able to talk to and communicate with a teen-aged boy is a testament to her patience and interest in helping my son to succeed.


She is great, and your child would be lucky to have her as a tutor and advocate."


GC, Washington, DC

“I study like crazy, but you can’t tell from my grades.”

“I’m just not feeling motivated to do my work.”

“There isn’t enough time for me to do all my homework!”

Test anxiety and academic difficulties are not uncommon. You're not alone. Middle school, high school and college academic pace, complexity, and volume challenge students’ executive functioning and study skills.  Your student needs to learn more effectively and efficiently. I can help your student navigate these challenges, equipping them with tools and skills for balancing middle and high school’s many demands. I work one-on-one with your student on habits, routines, and strategies, tailoring and fine-tuning approaches, providing support and accountability as they implement new ways of learning. 


Academic coaching stops the stressful, impossible, difficult, and overwhelm of school, creating happiness, clarity, and completed classes.


I work in person with students attending Edmund Burke,  National Cathedral School, St. Anselm’s Abby, Kent School, Annandale High School IB, Oneness-Family School, Jackson-Reed (formerly Wilson) High School, Montgomery Blair High School, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University Graduate School and Union College.

Call me to make your student's executive function skills,  current academic challenges and college transition experience smoother and easier!   


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