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How does this work?
Where are your students from?

Let's talk!  Call or text 281.536.6689 to tell me about your student and their needs.  Our first meeting is free, and you decide after that if we'll work together. 


Meetings are in-person or online, scheduled M-F before or after school.  I work with neuro-typical, ASD-1 and ADHD students.


Coaching, test prep, college counseling and applications, and college transition counseling sessions are scheduled at your convenience, one hour at a time, two to three times a week. 

Coaching for middle school, high school, standardized test prep and college counseling a flat fee of $250/h.

College transition counseling is a flat fee of $250/h.

Separate parent consultations and support are $250/hour.

Yes, it is. 


Standardized test preparation for high school  and college  starts with choosing the right test, with three months study before the test date. My program focuses on your student showing their existing strengths and improving  their testing skills and/or a specifically tested skill. 

Test prep flat fee: $250/h

Is standardized test prep different from 'regular' tutoring?

Consistency is the key to success. A semester is the minimum for high school or college academic coaching; 10 weeks is the minimum for standardized testing and college counseling.

Cancellations outside 24-hours are billed at the full rate. I make every effort to reschedule in the same week.

What is the commitment?  What if I need to cancel?

My students attend these private and public high schools and colleges :

Edmund Burke School

Montgomery Blair High School

Sidwell Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School

The British International School of Washington


BASIS Independent Mclain

St. Anselm's Abbey School

St. John's College High School

Annandale High School IB

Johns Hopkins University, Graduate Program

Duke University

Elon University

Tulane University

The George Washington University

The University of Chicago

New York University

Union College

How about college essays and applications?
What if my question isn't here?

Yes!  I counsel college-bound students, working on school choice, scholarships, the essays, extra-curriculars and recommendations.

College counseling is a flat fee of $250/h.


There's a chat box at the lower right, you can text 281-536-6689, or email me at

Let me know if you've been sent by a friend.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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