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Black lives matter and other resources

Hi there,

I had an article on deck, but this is not the time. Instead, please find something in this list of links and make a difference:

Read. Engage your imagination to start realizing how black, African-American, Indian, Latino, Native American, Muslim and Asian Americans are treated as they go about their daily lives. Check out books from your library on Libby, buy from IndieBound, buy from Thriftbooks, hit up a bunch of local little free libraries, but read.

And look here, here and here for starter books on racism and anti-racism.

Check out Brian Lehrer on WNYC; he has a three-part show starting with a nationwide view of the ongoing protests, moving into an analysis of police behavior and concluding with an interview with Ijeoma Oluo.


No, really: VOTE.

If you can, support progressive candidates up and down the ballot, all over the map.

Join Color of Change and text "Floyd" to 55156; let the Minneapolis MPD and Mayor know you want the arresting officers to be stripped of their pensions and permanently banned from other police work.

Adopt a state and help seat a progressive majority:

Sign this:

Donate to the George Floyd memorial fund:

Read Corrine Shutack's list of changes white people can make, to make a difference.

Read Roxanne Gay in the NYT. If you can,

Born A Crime is about growing up South African, and lays out very clearly the process and effects of institutionalized, systemic racism. There's a young readers version, too.

If you're joining a protest, know your rights, and know how to circumvent surveillance.

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