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Moms and dads, are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or fatigued from managing your student’s distance learning needs?  Academic Coaching DC gives you back your time by taking on those stressors: organization, communication, study skills and college preparation. 

I am an education and testing expert, trusted by DC-area families for 11 years, providing holistic, individual attention and building confident, successful students, in person and online. 

Shop Summer packages: personalized maths, geometry, language arts, study skills and college application support for an academically amazing 2020.  Click to schedule your free consultation:

Sleep in the time of Covid.

You and your student are coping with tremendous change right now.  You and they need sleep!  Seize this shift to distance learning to also shift your student to a more natural sleep schedule if you can.  Sleep supports a healthy immune system, as well as allowing distance learning to be actual learning

It's spring of 2020; college admissions and AP testing are on. 

The AP testing is happening, online and in a different, shorter format.  Please check the AP site; some classes have digital portfolio dates posted.

Your junior or senior student has had their entire college application or acceptance season thrown off.  Forbes has a great College admission resources page that may answer a lot of your, and their questions.

How to succeed in distance learning without loosing your mind.

Distance learning headaches?  McSweeny's has got you covered. 


Humor aside, this is hard.  Your and your pre-college student are shouldering a lot more responsibility.  If your student is struggling with work, email or text the teacher for accommodations.  Your student's understanding - or lack thereof - is not just on you.

 2019-20 SAT, ACT and AP scores


Diagnostic score 1110, official score 1280

Diagnostic score 1410, official score 1540

Diagnostic 800, official score 1020

Diagnostic score 1260, official score 1330


Diagnostic 20, official score 25

Diagnostic score 30, official score 34

Diagnostic score 22, official score 27

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